"Let them freeze in the dark!"

Alaskan Independence Party


November 30, 2007

“U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens said Thursday he has no fear of a Democratic opponent in next year's election, and he blamed overzealous reporters for the continued interest in the federal investigation both he and his son have been caught up in.” Quoted from the November 16th, Anchorage Daily News, front page. Poor Uncle Ted, his sky is falling. Well, I have no fear of a Democrat opponent either, but I can say I have a real good idea that an Independent candidate is the one that can win that Office in 08, not a Democrat and certainly not another Republican.

I can fully understand Ted wanting to divert attention to some other direction. I, for one, thank the press for its persistence in bringing the issue that Alaska’s senior Senator is under a continuing investigation by Federal authorities. I am in complete wonderment as to why the Senator and his “Baby Ben” aren’t under investigation by the State of Alaska too! It’s not like the Stevens’ name was not been heard out in trial evidence used to convict those Representatives who are now “doing time”. I also can’t understand why our wonderful Governor requesting the Senator to enlighten her regarding this investigation, then basically accepts his reply to “butt out”...amazes me.

I think to do nothing is wrong. The Governor should inquire as to what other malfeasance has occurred within Alaska’s Congress and its federal representation. The lack of ethics in our representative system, from Washington, DC, to right here at home, is rising. Alaska’s faith in those officials is tanking and the citizen’s contract, our Constitution, has been sold out.

All in all, there’s some pretty “transparent” proof on record, of poor judgment, absence of ethics, easy money changing hands, breaches of Constitutional Oath of Offices, resulting in individuals going to jail after being accused, tried and convicted. Convicted with evidence, which named more names; two of which are Ted and Ben Stevens.

Now, there is an elephant in our living rooms, and we are left shoveling the manure to get to the truth. Whom else was involved in this VECO scandal? The Federal investigation is the tip of a global warming iceberg! Alaska’s Attorney General should be looking for any extension of those threads of deceit that have entered the political bodies of those who represent. I am sure the “bad apples” are few, but we need to know how many worms were involved! In doing so, we, as voter’s, will know who we can trust again in the voters’ booth.

Thinking about the two party politics is like putting one, and then the other, in my hands like a gold scale. I think, Democrat / Republican. Doing that, I realized they are one in the same, so I’ve washed my hands of it, and decided that in 2008, I would vote for Alaska. I will vote for an Independent candidate for US Senate, if the Alaskan Independence Party does not offer a candidate itself. The Independent that I think will campaign for Ted’s seat is one I can easily endorse personally, and ask the AIP membership and all Independent voters to support.

My point is when this all starts to happen, we’ve got to make different plans for where and with whom we place the confidence of our votes. Many of us realize the political paths some have been traveling need to be changed, also, at this point in time, we can no longer trust the National Politics the has been practiced in Alaska since Statehood. Trouble with VECO is not something new here. Their kind of trouble visited Alaskans in years past, leaving dozens of unanswered questions then too.

In closing, I ask our Governor to respond to Ted’s “butt out” reply to her, and the Anchorage press. As the Governor, Mrs. Palin should initiate an investigation, through the Attorney General’s office, into VECO’s orchestrations to rob Alaskans of the full measure and value of our resources, address additional crimes and find out who are the rest of those Cheap Bunch of Cowards!

Alaskan first,
Lynette Clark, Chairman, Alaskan Independence Party Coalition Advisor to “I Vote Alaska 2008”
Board of Directors, 2nd Vermont Republic Delegate to the 2nd North American Secessionist Convention 2007