"The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance."
~ John Philpot Curran
Alaskan Independence Party



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Excerpts of Joe Vogler speaking with Larry Dell back in 1982. This Problem Solver audio has been cleaned up and broken down into 50 playable clips. What is amazing is that these questions that were asked 25 years ago are still being bounced around by today's modern politicals.

Cost $15 post Paid


T- Shirts

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Please remember that we have 2 different styles of shirts. "Joe was right" and the "Snake" showing the relationship between the Federal government and Alaska. Please make sure you order the correct one.

High Quality 50-50 Cotton - Poly, American made, T-Shirts.

Joe was Right Tee designed by AIP Treasurer Linda Winkleman, from North Pole, Alaska.
Snake Tee designed by Rosalyn Stowell.

The Joe was Right Tee: $14.00 for medium and large, extra large are $17.00
Snake Tee: $17.00 for medium and large, extra large are $19.00
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Bumper Sticker

Proud to be Alaskan

These Stickers are App 4" by 14" on High quality weather proof plastic. This is a reproduction of our predecessor's, Alaskans for Independence, popular bumper sticker from the 1970's.

Cost $3.00 post paid

Terrorist Hunting Permit

Terrorist Hunting Permit

Approximately 4"x3" these permits affix to your bumper on your vehicle and proudly display your anti-terrorist sentiment.

Sorry but these permits are only valid in Alaska (novelty item). Supplies are limited.

Cost $5.00 post paid

Visit Alaska or Else Poster

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In response to the outside animal rights boycott, AIP members decided to recreate a poster once made popular by the Alaskan Trappers Association.

Poster is full sized, approximately 12" by 18" and must be shipped in a tube. Price is $10.00 postage paid, discounts available for quantity orders.

Payment for purchases can be made by check or money order to:

2521 Old Steese Hwy N.
Fairbanks, AK 99712

or by the use of PayPal!