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Convention 2010

THANKS FOR MAKING THE AIP 2010 CONVENTION A SUCCESS!!! Well, what did we do? We took stands against the Referendum to Increase the Size of the Legisature, We stood with the Parental Rights Notification Initiative. We passed four Resolutions which you may see elsewhere. We elected new officer, revised our bylaws and re-adopted our entire one page platform in toto! Wow! So much done by so few in such a short time. Did I mention that we broke even! The general sentiment was that we had a great success! Thanks to Lynda and Rich and Moriah Yoder, Bob Bird and Lynette Clark, and all the many others who made it happen. We had several terrific guest speakers. Also, at least one campaign for the state legislature was launched there, stay tuned. Looking forward to a year of more growth. Sincerely, Bob Bird Vice Chairman South

In 2006, the AIP Convention was held in Wasilla. In 2008, the AIP Convention was held in Fairbanks. Having had a history of moving this party function to different communities around the State, it has been agreed that Kenai would hold the AIP 2010 Convention.

Convention Contacts 907-252-2014 Lynda Yoder
907-398-9373 Bob Bird
907-457-1884 Lynette Clark 2010 Convention Press Release

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